Events in town

Live the emotions of unique experiences. Attending the events of centuries-old history of the Easter in Sulmona, means to immerse oneself in the culture of Italian spirituality. On Good Friday, the vibrations of the baritones singing in the choir of the Archconfraternity of the Trinity, with the striking walking of the confraternity, prepare yourself to live deeply the Easter Sunday, the day of the exciting event of the "Madonna running in the Piazza." Around Sulmona you can also retrace the steps of the fascinating story of Celestine the 5th (the Pope of the Great Refusal), live the religious rites of Abruzzo, as the feast of the Serpari in Cocullo. If you come to visit us in July, you'll be immersed between blasts of trumpets and roll of drums, kept in the historical procession of the “Jousting tournament “ and share , with the villages and districts, the exciting challenge of the “Palio” where the knights on their horses compete threading the "Rings " in the beautiful scenery of Piazza Garibaldi. For the lovers of the “Bel canto” the charming “Maria Caniglia Theater” hosts every year the singing contest, where young artists from all over the world, demonstrate their skill.

Events not to be missed in Sulmona
  • Il Venerdì Santo e la Pasqua sulmonese

  • Certamen Ovidiano

  • Freedom trail

  • La Giostra Cavalleresca

  • Concorso di canto “Maria Caniglia”


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