Why Locandieri?

Because the philosophy of food and wine from which we broke inspire and guide is conditioned by the LOCANDA name, word with its Latin origin refers us to something that must be “leased”, ie rented and “made available” at both of rooms at the level of the table.

The word and the concept goes back, in fact, in Roman times: while developing an incredible tangle of streets, you created the “Locandus” for a quick meal or rooms for rest, or in the Middle Ages served to give hospitality to travelers during their way. Principle and defining the locanda offers a friendly, welcoming, making you feel at home; For “home” but is intended as personalized attention to every customer; Being lovers of “simple family” means neither superficial nor lack of professional skill, rather it is the “human touch” that adds warmth to stop along the way.

Well into the concept of locanda is included the necessary and indispensable attention to the “local”, intense and as raw materials to be processed and apprestare to the patrons; both as inclusion and respect for the traditions of the land that hosts us and welcomes, respecting and preserving fruit. We believe that “host” means open, treat everything in detail, offer original spaces, with personality, our, what distinguishes us.

We are simple people and we believe in honesty, doing work shoulder to shoulder creativity, intuition and rationality; just as we taught our family about 50 years in business. The word locanda is pretty close to what we mean today by the english expression “Bed and Breakfast” but now in our opinion widely abused and standardized.

From generation to generation, the history of our welcome

In 1997 we found ourselves faced with a major challenge and motivating: gather the reins of management started with sacrifice and commitment from our parents parties since 1968. “What we want to offer?”, We immediately wondered.A question that has not had an immediate response, but a constant reflection, that continues today and guide us in the philosophy of hospitality, we did ours.

Coming out of our locanda, surrounded by the charm and elegance from the ancient historical center of Sulmona, including a welcoming smile and the proverbial kindness of Abruzzo, do not you come to a place to stay, but there is immersed in an atmosphere heat, life, people. We have taken care of the Albergo Stella to make it a meeting point between the guests and the city, with its people from the jovial character. We want to live a full “Italian experience” in which references to the art you can taste sipping good wine and, with a tasting of typical regional cuisine, you receive an invitation to join the philosophy and beauty of the Territory surrounding.

A place in the making – so we imagine – who, day after day, we can add the right not to forget that particular home, but discover the heart of Abruzzo. Our goal is not simply to offer relaxation in a well-furnished: we want to give you a memory, precious. . Our mother often tells an anecdote to our guests: “Do you know why it’s nice to do this work? Because respect, gratitude and remembrance of our customers there have never abandoned, repaying every effort. Almost every day I get a call from somewhere in the world for the warm greetings, well, every time I get emotional. “That’s the motivation that drives us to update us on. Do not try to follow the fashions of the moment, but to propose new ideas and concepts to live a tourism more “eco-social” grant us the neologism. So we try to give you a unique experience, as long as you like it..

That’s why we like to call ourselves “Locandieri”.


“Giuseppe e Roberto Bono”