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discover Abruzzo

one day in Sulmona

We wake up in the morning in Stella CasaBono terrace suite and, after a delicious breakfast, we begin our exploration of Sulmona. Walking through the medieval streets, we admire the fascinating architecture that ranges from the Romanesque-Gothic style to the eighteenth-century Baroque. We visit the Cathedral of San Panfilo, with its majestic facade and decorated interiors, and the Complesso dell'Annunziata, which dates back to the 13th century. We walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the historic centre, admiring the historic buildings such as Palazzo Annunziata and Palazzo Tabassi-Caracciolo. We continue to the city market, where we buy local delicacies for a picnic in the Majella National Park. After a short drive through the hills, we immerse ourselves in untouched nature and enjoy our lunch outdoors, enjoying the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. In the afternoon, we visit the shops selling typical products, such as the famous sugared almonds of Sulmona, and we stop in one of the local pastry shops to taste traditional sweets. Finally, we end the day with a romantic walk on the Ponte Confetti, admiring the sunset over the surrounding mountains. We return to our Stella Casa Bono accommodation with a heart full of beautiful experiences and unforgettable memories of a day spent in beautiful Sulmona.