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The historical theme of the Christmas markets in Abruzzo

Discovering the Christmas Magic in Sulmona: An Unforgettable Weekend with the Historic Train

Christmas is a magical period that manages to transform even the most ordinary cities into enchanted places. And what's better than a winter escape to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere? Sulmona, a pretty town in the heart of Abruzzo, is the ideal place to live this experience and spend two unforgettable days thanks to the historic train and its enchanting Christmas markets.

Day 1: Welcome to Sulmona

Your weekend begins with arrival at Sulmona station, located in the center of the city. To make your stay truly special, we recommend booking a room at the small hotel/B&B Stella Casabono. This enchanting structure will immerse you in the welcoming and familiar atmosphere that distinguishes Abruzzo.

After settling in and enjoying a delicious breakfast prepared with local products, it's time to head to the station for the start of an unforgettable experience. The historic train of Sulmona will take you through enchanting landscapes towards Alto Sangro, one of the most evocative areas of Abruzzo. Along the way, you can admire snow-covered forests, picturesque villages and the unique charm of the winter countryside.

Day 2: Discovering the Christmas Markets

The morning of the second day is dedicated to exploring the Christmas markets in Alto Sangro. These markets offer a wide range of handcrafted products, unique gifts, culinary delights and Christmas decorations. You can shop for friends and family, savor local delicacies and take in the festive atmosphere that permeates the air.

After exploring the markets, take time for a culinary stop in one of the traditional restaurants in the area. Taste authentic Abruzzo dishes, such as tasty lentil soup or pasta alla guitar with a delicious truffle sauce.

In the afternoon, you can take a walk in the historic center of Sulmona, admiring the beauty of its monuments, such as the main square with its fascinating baroque fountain. The streets are decorated with twinkling lights, making the atmosphere even more magical.

Your Christmas weekend in Sulmona comes to an end with indelible memories and the warmth of this fascinating city. Returning to your welcoming B&B Stella Casabono, you can relax and reflect on this unique experience.

Sulmona during the Christmas period is a dream destination for anyone who wants to experience the enchantment of Christmas in a picturesque setting. Take the historic train, immerse yourself in the markets and enjoy your stay in one of the most fascinating B&Bs in Abruzzo. There's no better way to embrace the Christmas spirit and create unforgettable memories.

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Roberto Bono