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events not to be missed in Sulmona and surrounding areas: Historical Train year-round Good Friday and Sulmona Easter Week The Joust of Chivalry late July early August Muntagninjazz Summer Maria Caniglia Singing Competition Sulmona Contemporary Art Prize September/October Freedom Trail April Rite of the Cocullo Serpents May Polenta Festival Pettorano January La corsa deg li zingari Pacentro September Madonna of the Free Pratola Peligna May Xterra Scanno August

"Traveling on the Parks Railway is not just a simple train ride,but it is a great little lesson in geography flowing from the window. "Info: ferroviadeiparchi.it

easter in Sulmona, means to immerse oneself in the culture of Italian spirituality. The Good Friday night procession with the evocative sensations of the choir and the "crawling" step prepare one to live in depth on Easter Sunday, the day of the exciting event of the "Madonna running in the Piazza." A cult carved in the hearts of all Sulmonese

if you come to visit us in July, you can find yourself immersed, among the ladies and cavalrymen, the ringing of clarions and the rolling of drums, in the well-attended historical pageant of the Giostra Cavalleresca where you will experience unique emotions in a setting of the best Italian Renaissance tradition

the theater season with international singing and piano competitions, drama performances, plays by the most famous companies, and live sessions with renowned artists offer a varied playbill suitable for all kinds of fans


by car or motorcycle , by bicycle or on foot whatever your way of moving you will find your ideal route Below you will find some tourist itineraries all of which can be done in one day.In case you need car rental with/without driver ask us.If your vacation is with a bike or you are a passionate walker contact us, we will provide you with useful information to discover our territory
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itinerario nel medioevo d’Abruzzo - sulle orme di Celestino V.Sulmona loc. Badia (abbazia di S. Spirito al Morrone sec. XIII – zona archeologica con resti del tempio romano d’Ercole Curino – eremo di Celestino V sec. XIII) – Corfinio (basilica di S. Pelino sec. XIII) - Popoli (taverna Caldora sec. XIV, ris. nat. Sorgenti del Pescara) - Castiglione a Casauria (abb. S. Clemente a Casauria sec. XII) – Manoppello (S. Maria Arabona sec. XIII – Immagine del Volto Santo) - Serramonacesca (S. Liberatore a Majella sec. XI) – Roccamorice (eremo di S. Bartolomeo sec. XIII – badia di S. Spirito a Majella sec. XIII) – Chieti – ritorno S.S.17 dir. Napoli Itinerari del parco naz. d’AbruzzoSulmona – Anversa degli Abruzzi (ris. Nat. Gole del Sagittario-Sorgenti di Cavuto) – Villalago (lago ed eremo di S. Domenico-lago Pio) - Scanno (lago di Scanno-percorso del cuore) – Villetta Barrea – la Camosciara – Pescasseroli-Alfedena- Civitella Alfedena– Barrea(lago di Barrea)-Castel Di Sangro (fiume