Sulmo Mihi Patria Est

live Sulmona, an unconventional destination, not the usual place chosen by mass tourism but a place to become a traveler

Sulmona, home of Ovid, which has its roots in pre-Roman times and reaches all the way to the Baroque of the 1700s. We find traces of its long history in the unique architecture and extraordinary views. One can stroll along the medieval old town and admire the stupendous Swabian aqueduct that spans the Piazza Maggiore one of the largest and most beautiful in Italy.

just as it is very interesting to follow the religious trail: from the Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance churches to the hermitages in the mountains that surround the basin in which the city stands. And then Sulmona is beautiful because of its climate, its friendly people, its squares with outdoor cafes, its stores, its old stores, and its picturesque Wednesday and Saturday markets

from CasaBono you are comfortable to do all this, being already immersed in the historic center you can visit the city and experience it to the fullest. City but not only... In the center of Abruzzo or rather, as the slogan of tourism promotion says, "Sulmona the Abruzzo around," because in less than half an hour you can choose a destination at high altitude, for lovers of skiing or trekking, or the seaside resorts, beautiful in summer and winter. A place from where you can discover an entire region. Fans of bikes and motorcycles rejoice along the internal roads, which allow you to discover places and landscapes of rare beauty, between an ancient past and unspoiled nature

Places in the historic center

the cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues, current and engaging fully experienced by us residents and many friends from all neighboring towns. You will be like one of us, leaving home in the evening to spend a leisure time in a dynamic and safe city, Welcome to Sulmona

bono Vino e Caffè (brunch), Via Mazara. Tel: 0864.52653 Buonvento, Piazza Plebiscito, 21/22. Tel: 0864.950010 - 329.4927070 Clemente, Piazza Santa Monica. Tel: 0864.210679 - 342.6226522 Gino (solo pranzo), P.zza Plebiscito. Tel: 0864.52289 Hostaria Dell’Arco, Via D’Eramo. Tel: 0864.210553 - 338.4040367 Il Vecchio Muro (anche pizzeria), Via D’Eramo, 20 bis. Tel: 0864.50595 L'Antica CorteVia Ciofano, 51. Tel: 0864.435441 - 339.4926772 La Cantina di Biffi, Via Barbato, 1. Tel: 0864.380588 Locanda Medioevale, Piazza XX Settembre. Tel: 0864.55533 - 333.3340650 San Filippo 63, Piazza Garibaldi, 40. Tel: 0864.661002 Trattoria Don CiccioCorso Ovidio, 79/81. Tel: 320.7514339 - 338.3687802 Bella 'Mbriana (pizzeria), Via Ercole Ciofano, 39. Tel: 371.3409374 - 346.6883467 - 348.1806700 Osteria del Tempo Perso (anche pizzeria), Vico del Vecchio. Tel: 0864.5254 Il club dei buongustai (pesce), Via Pescara, 28. Tel: 0864212859 Jammo bistrot Ovidio