Your property in good hands

Why choose the Bono family as your partner for the management of your property? Safe Key Storage: We keep the keys to your property in a safe and secure place, ensuring they are only accessible to authorized persons. Local Assistance: We are based in Sulmona and know the area well. We personally take care of guests' check-in and check-out, ensuring that they are warmly welcomed and that their stay is comfortable. Emergency Management: We are available 24/7 to handle any emergencies that may occur during your guests' stay. Your peace of mind is our priority. Maintenance and Cleaning: We take care of the regular maintenance of your property and coordinate professional cleaning services between stays, ensuring it is always ready for guests. Clear and Transparent Communication: We keep you constantly informed on the status of your property and the details of guest stays, providing detailed and transparent reports. Why Choose Sulmona: Sulmona is a charming and picturesque town located in the heart of Abruzzo, with a rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. It is a popular destination for domestic and international tourists, making your property a valuable investment. Contact Us Today: If you own a house in Sulmona and want to guarantee its reliable and professional management, contact CasaBono today. We are here to answer your questions, discuss your needs and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Choose the Bono family as your trusted key holder and entrust us with the protection of your property in Sulmona. We are ready to be your trusted partner in Italy. Bono - Your Safe Choice in Sulmona!

Who is the Bono family

The Bono brothers Giuseppe (born 1966) and Roberto (born 1969) were born in Sulmona, rooted in the very fabric of the city in which they grew up.

Although they have undertaken different professional paths from the initial family activities, their story is imbued with a deep bond with Sulmona and its rich tradition to which they decided to return.

Since 1996, the Bono brothers have joined forces to jointly run the company founded by their parents back in 1968, passionately carrying forward the family legacy. This commitment is a tangible testimony of their attachment to the roots, history and culture of their beloved city.

In addition to their role as entrepreneurs, Giuseppe and Roberto are recognized in the Sulmona community for their integrity, seriousness and professionalism. Their active participation in various local associations is a tangible demonstration of their commitment to preserving the local spirit and tradition. Contributing to the preservation of ancient traditions and the enrichment of the cultural life of the city, the Bono brothers are true custodians of Sulmona's heritage.

Through their constant involvement in the social and economic life of the city, Giuseppe and Roberto continue to play a crucial role in strengthening the bond between their family and the community they call home, channeling their commitment towards a prosperous future for Sulmona and generations to come.