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discover Abruzzo

A day among the villages and castles of L'Aquila

Imagine staying at Stella CasaBono, your petit hotel in the historic center of Sulmona.

After a delicious breakfast, you set off to explore the picturesque villages and towns of Abruzzo. The first stop is Bussi sul Tirino, a charming village along the banks of the Tirino River. Choose to take a relaxing walk along the riverbanks, admiring the surrounding nature and enjoying the tranquility of the place.

Next, you head to Capestrano, famous for its "Eroe di Capestrano" statue, a historically significant artwork. Immerse yourself in history by visiting the medieval castle of Capestrano, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valley.

After Capestrano, continue your journey to Ofena, a fascinating village characterized by picturesque streets and a tranquil atmosphere. You can stroll through the streets of the historic center, admiring the traditional architecture and soaking in the authenticity of this place.

Next, reach Santo Stefano di Sessanio, one of the most charming villages in Abruzzo. Here, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time with its ancient stone houses and cobblestone streets. Explore the village on foot, visit the famous Rocca Calascio nearby, and savor the local cuisine at one of the characteristic restaurants.

Continuing your route, arrive at Rocca Calascio, an iconic medieval fortress located on a panoramic hill. The view of the Gran Sasso mountain range is simply breathtaking. You can explore the fortress and enjoy the unique charm of this suggestive place.

After Rocca Calascio, make a stop at Castel del Monte, an ancient village perched on a hill, surrounded by majestic mountain panoramas. Wander through the cobblestone streets, visit the castle, and admire the fascinating surrounding landscapes.

Finally, return to Sulmona, your home base. Take advantage of the afternoon to explore the historic center of Sulmona, with its narrow streets filled with artisan shops, local products stores, and cozy cafes. You can also visit the famous Confetteria Pelino, renowned for its confetti.

At the end of this unforgettable day of discovering the villages and towns of Abruzzo, return to Stella CasaBono to rest and reflect on the wonders you had the opportunity to experience during your adventure in this splendid region.