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"citizens of the world."

A special thank you goes to Peter, our dear fellow citizen, who for several years has chosen our city as the place to spend part of his life with his wife. His profound love for our region has today manifested itself in a tangible and significant way.

We are truly grateful for his constant attachment to our community, for the time and effort he has devoted to contributing to its growth and development. His presence and active participation in the city's life have undoubtedly enriched the social and cultural fabric of our town.

The appreciation Peter and his family have shown for our city is a testament to how welcoming and captivating it is, capable of capturing the hearts of those who settle here.

Once again, we want to thank Peter for his generosity and dedication to our community. His choice to elect our city as his home is a precious gift, and we are grateful to have him as part of our city's family. Thank you for everything he has done and continues to do to make our city a better place for everyone.