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The Capestrano Warrior and the National Museum in Chieti

Welcome to Stella CasaBono, your cosy retreat in the heart of downtown Sulmona! Today we are going to introduce you to one of the historical and cultural wonders of our region. After a delicious breakfast prepared with care by our staff, you will start your day of adventure at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale d'Abruzzo in Chieti.

After a short, leisurely tour of the city of Chieti, the mystery of the Capestrano Warrior, one of Italy's most fascinating archaeological finds, awaits you. This sculpture dating back to the 6th century B.C. is over two metres high and decorated with war elements, but it is his enigmatic headdress that arouses particular curiosity. Recently, a mysterious inscription on the statue was deciphered, but its meaning still remains shrouded in mystery.

The National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo offers an extraordinary experience, allowing you to travel back in time and immerse yourself in the culture and history of the ancient Italic population of the Equi. The exhibits will allow you to discover the fascinating past of this region and appreciate the richness of its cultural heritage.

After this exciting visit, you can return to Stella CasaBono and enjoy a moment of relaxation in our cosy hotel. Our staff will be happy to provide you with advice on where to spend the evening in Sulmona, suggesting the best restaurants and places of interest to complete this unforgettable experience.

Thank you for choosing to stay at Stella CasaBono. We hope your journey is full of discoveries and unforgettable moments, and we are here to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Enjoy your journey through time and the culture of Abruzzo!