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The mussels and clams potato soup #unpiattoalgiorno

The mussels and clams potato soup is one of the many contaminations on the sea & mountains theme

On a base of oil, red garlic from Sulmona, aromatic herbs, the potatoes are stewed, cut more or less evenly, it can be deglazed with white wine but cherry tomatoes could also be fine, tomato paste or peeled tomatoes are added and it is completed cooking by adding smoked fish, seasoning with salt and pepper, preferably chilli pepper. Separately, the molluscs are opened, the bottom is filtered and cleaned, leaving a few as a garnish and when cooked, they are poured into the soup. The dish is served hot with toasted bread rubbed with red garlic and a generous drizzle of Pettorano oil for a more full-bodied taste or Prezza oil for more delicate palates.

It goes well with Trebbiano or Pecorino but also a Cerasuolo will satisfy the most demanding palates.